• The eSpring® Water Purifier was the first in-home system to combine UV light technology with a multi-stage carbon-block filter into one easy-to-replace cartridge. The cartridge has a high flow rate of 0.9 gpm (3.4 lpm) with a rated life of 5,000 liters (1,320 gallons) or one year.

  • The ultraviolet light in the eSpring® Water Purifier features instant-on technology. Turning on the tap activates a sensor that energizes the lamp immediately to deliver a 40 mj/cm2 dose of UV light to treat water without chemicals. Because the UV lamp is not constantly on, it won’t heat the water or waste energy.

  • eSpring® reduces more than 140 potential health-effect contaminants that may be present in drinking water.

  • eSpring® was the first water treatment device to power a UV lamp wirelessly with adaptive inductive coupling. It was the product that started the wireless power revolution (see The design eliminates exposed electrical connectors to the lamp, improving reliability and simplifying cartridge replacement. It also provides consistent UV lamp performance over time.

  • The system has an environmentally preferred design. It is ROHS compliant and designed to last for 10 years. The monitor incorporates an LED display in standby mode and uses an instant-on UV lamp for lower energy consumption. The all-in-one cartridge, replaced once a year for most consumers, creates less waste.

It’s our mission to provide the communities in which we serve the ability to obtain the world’s #1 selling brand of in-home water treatment systems.* It's highly recommended to purchase the eSpring® water treatment system today, especially if you want to protect your loved ones from any potentially contaminated tap water. This water treatment system is the perfect option for any family wanting to get the highest quality water in their daily life.

*Based on a Verify Markets study of 2014 global sales.

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